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Meet Terra, Owner of Nana’s Wonderland

Some of you may have gotten to know Terra since Nana's opened their first location in Little Neck, New York in 2022. But I wanted to dive deeper into the story of Nana’s and the person behind the brand through a mini-interview series.

Terra introduces herself as a mom, wife, and an educator. If you don’t know already, Nana’s Wonderland is named inspired by her daughter, whose nickname is Nana. Terra opened Nana’s Wonderland as an indoor playground, party event space, cafe, and community hub for children and caregivers to relax, have fun, and make memories.  Today, Nana's Wonderland has two locations in Little Neck and Jackson Heights, New York. Soon to be a third.

In this mini-interview series, I asked Terra questions about herself, her growth, and her message to the world. If you want the video version, you can also follow our mini-interview series on Instagram! 

Part One of Meet Terra

Question 1:  “Hi Terra, can you introduce yourself?”

Terra: “Hi, my name is Terra. I’m the owner of Nana’s Wonderland. I’m also a mom, wife, and an educator.”

Question 2: “As a working mom and a business owner, what are some lifestyle tips you can give to other moms?”

To anyone who resonates with being a mom, a business owner, or a female boss 😎👇🏻

  • Tip #1: Self-care.

Be sure to schedule in “YOU” time and do the things you enjoy doing. 

“For me, it’s getting a massage, getting a facial, going on a walk by myself, listening to some music. Those are the things I truly enjoy doing.” - Terra 

  • Tip #2: Don’t stress over the little things. 

Here Terra points out on how to not take life so seriously and it starts with gratitude. Gratitude to be alive, to live for today, and to know that there’s tomorrow. Gratitude to have time and spend time with family or your loved ones. 

  • Tip #3: Never be afraid of your dreams. 

“Don’t ever think your dream is too big. Take action. Start your step one and then all the rest will follow.” -Terra

Personally, I loved this message a lot. This tip really ties into the next part of the interview highlighting Terra's pivotal moments of self-discovery and entrepreneurship. (Side note: This next part was unscripted and half of her story wasn’t recorded on video while we were talking off-camera. What can I say 🤷🏻‍♀️, the off-camera sessions are their own gems.) #unfiltered #realtalk

Question 3: “What made you start Nana’s Wonderland? What was that journey like?”

Terra told me she had an interesting journey starting her own business and becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, quite an emotional one. After Terra had her daughter, she became a stay-at-home mom. A pivotal moment in her life was when her husband came back from work one day and they got into an argument about her role and contributions to the family as a “stay-at-home” mom. In her husband's eyes, she was just that. Her role as a mother challenged her self-identity. Feeling lost, Terra was determined to prove her husband wrong and find herself again. As any other female boss would, she aimed to rediscover her role in the world and come back stronger, embracing her dreams. (Referring back to Tip #3: Never be afraid of your dreams.) Following that day, Terra got her master’s in education, got a real estate license, got an insurance sales license, and even thought of becoming a YouTuber. “I was looking for every opportunity,” Terra says. 

(Maybe that’s why Terra is so natural in front of the camera. Haha.)

Similar to other great stories of entrepreneurship, it took Terra a while to find the right business plan. Or, the perfect dream that balanced her desire to be a working mom yet be in close proximity to her daughter at the same time. Being a teacher would demand Terra to be at the school from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M.  Terra was unwilling to give up a huge chunk of time she could be spending with her daughter and making memories.

Instead, Terra continued being a stay-at-home mom until she stumbled across an indoor play space. As Terra recalls, she said the indoor play space was small but they served coffee. She loved it! She loved that she could sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, do her own thing, and watch her daughter play within a safe space. Her business plan started to formulate, which eventually led her to start Nana’s Wonderland. 

Terra: “Nana’s Wonderland really allowed me to achieve my dream of spending quality time with my daughter and providing a space for other moms. Because sometimes we are working from home and it could be draining to be in the same environment. So having a space like this allows [moms] to be a part of the society but also know that their little ones are having a safe space to socialize, to play, and they’re having fun.” 

If acts of service isn’t Nana’s Wonderland… or if Nana’s Wonderland isn’t the epitome of spending quality time with your loved ones, I don’t know what else is.

After hearing Terra's story, it's clear how profound her love is. Her narrative touched me deeply and inspired me to share Nana's Wonderland's mission and values. By doing so, I hope this interview will hold significance for the business, Terra, and the community she has created.

Terra's story resonates with many women today, juggling the roles of motherhood, career, and personal aspirations. Her journey is not hers alone; it mirrors the experiences of countless young working women worldwide. Shedding light on the community surrounding Nana's Wonderland is a tale worth sharing, celebrating, and discussing.

Stay tuned for Part 2! 🌷

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